Online Trading

For customers that wish to trade their own account with no broker assistance. KwikTrading allows you to trade futures and options contracts withexchange minimum margins*on a number of different trading platforms. Trade online direct from your computer conveniently and securely. Dedicated technical support and a 24 hour trading desk are available to all online traders.

KwikTrading provides its customers online trading through the following platforms :

Professional Discount

Trade directly to our discount trading desk. For traders who feel they are knowledgeable enough to manage their own portfolio. This trader has determined he only needs a facility through which to trade. He makes all his own trades, manages all the risk and assumes all the liability for his decisions.

Broker-Assisted & Full Service

A dedicated KwikTrading Account Executive is available to discuss your trading needs and tailor their services and commission rates accordingly. Services range from monitoring active day traders order flow and market discipline to patiently educating new traders as they develop their own trading style.


*KwikTrading uses exchange minimummarginsthat are subject to change without notice. Margin balances must be maintained. Subject to change.