The front-end screen of choice for professional derivatives traders all over the world.

Simply put, the X_TRADER platform sets the standard for trading screen performance. Loaded with advanced trading strategy support, supremely reliable and reflex-fast, the X_TRADER platform enables you to trade via the web or any remote connection. TT's high-performance connections to the major third-party exchanges enable you to trade the world's leading electronic futures exchanges in real-time.

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Auto Spreader

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Fill Window

Market Explorer

Market Maker

MD Trader

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Trade Book

X_TRADER gives you the edge with intuitive market depth views and advanced strategy support.

The X_TRADER toolset includes these advanced features:

X_TRADER Pro loaded with advanced capabilities and automated tools to extend the power of X_TRADER.

X_TRADER Pro can really make a difference in how you trade:

The X_TRADER platform. Proven versatility worldwide.

The X_TRADER platform is used by futures clearing merchants (FCMs), proprietary traders, money-center banks, introducing brokers, market makers, hedge fund managers, commodity trading advisors (CTAs), personal investors and corporations to trade in markets across the world. Its proven versatility means there's no doubt X_TRADER can work for you.

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