Welcome to KwikTrading - The Future of Futures

KwikTrading, LLC is an Independent Introducing Broker in Chicago, the heart of the futures markets. As an Independent IB, KwikTrading is better able to serve its clients by tailoring services to suit the needs of the client. What does this mean to you? Most Introducing Brokers are guaranteed by an FCM and are therefore limited to placing clients at that FCM. Being independent allows us to have relationships with multiple clearing firms. Depending on your needs, we can provide a customized solution for you.

Electronic Execution - KwikTrading provides electronic traders some of the best execution platforms in the industry and a commission structure that will keep you competitive. But having the best platform in the industry is unimportant if no one is there to answer the phone! Quality service is paramount and we are there for you with live support when you need it.

Pit Traded Markets - We provide access to all major futures markets through a number of channels. Our Discount Desk provides quality execution at reasonable rates. For those traders requiring more service, our Full Service Brokers are knowledgeable and experienced. Direct floor access is available for various markets for qualified clients.

Institutional Services - Are you an IB, CTA, or CPO? Then we want to talk to you! We offer one-on-one service for your business at clearing rates that are probably less than you pay now. Keep more of what you earn! Contact us today for a private and confidential consultation.